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fc_architecture and lighting design studio


Via dei Fori Imperiali

Lighting design of Via dei Fori Imperiali, Roma. Competition. 2016.

Lighting Sepulchre

Lighting design and virtual reconstruction with light of the archeological site musealization of the Sepulchre in St. Peter street in Concordia Sagittaria. 2014.

Lighting roman bridge

Lighting design and virtual reconstruction with light of new archeological site musealization of the Roman Bridge in Concordia Sagittaria. 2014.

Re-designing Onaosi

Concorso “Nuovo Collegio Onaosi”, Perugia, Italia. 2015.

Storytelling with light in the digital age

PLDC 2015 Rome. Poster about Light and Archeology.

Colour strategies in nature

Investigation on colour for Saturated Space AA Research Clusters The Natural world is our first and foremost reference regarding the most fundamental uses of colour. Through its deployments,…

Research center

Project for research center.

Bio-extended margins

Bio-extended margins: a park of interactions with the lagoon environment. Venice.

History of light of Milan cathedral

Research on lighting systems of Milan Cathedral during the centuries.

Climi estremi a confronto

Indagine sul rapporto tra architettura ed ambiente ovvero sulle dinamiche delle energie naturali nella composizione architettonica. Climi estremi a confronto nell’opera di due maestri: Alvar Aalto e Charles…

Project for San Giobbe, Venice

Student house and services for San Giobbe. Venice.