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Retail design, Capricci Shop, Isola Bella. 2016.


Retail design, Emporio Shop, Isola Bella. 2016.

Re-designing Onaosi

Concorso “Nuovo Collegio Onaosi”, Perugia, Italia. 2015.

Storytelling with light in the digital age

PLDC 2015 Rome. Poster about Light and Archeology.

Archivio Antico

Lighting design of the Ancient Archive, Palazzo Bo, Padova. 2015.

ADI design collection competition

“Esporre il compasso d’oro”, ADI. 2013. 


Europan Competition. 2013.

Lighting of Israeli Pavilion / 13th Venice Architecture Biennale

Lighting of Israeli Pavilion at the 13th Venice Architecture Biennale, with “Aircraft Carrier” exhibition, curated by Erez Ella, Dan Handel and Milana Gitzin Adiram. 2012. Photos © Nico Saieh

Colour strategies in nature

Investigation on colour for Saturated Space AA Research Clusters The Natural world is our first and foremost reference regarding the most fundamental uses of colour. Through its deployments,…

Illuminazione dell’Altare della Presentazione

Progetto di illuminazione dell’altare della presentazione della Vergine al tempio.

Lighting of Israeli Pavilion

Interior lighting design of Israeli Pavilion. 2010/2011.

workspace_SAA in padova

Interior for workspace in Padova. 2011.